Overview of development and operations:

  • Acquisition of existing properties
  • Development of new properties
  • Analysis and evaluation
  • Delivery of brand promise



Hotel Development & Operation

Our innovative development team is eager to work with investors and partners on new projects. We believe that a strong outlook for hotel performance in a liquid market creates an imminent need to continue pursuing property acquisitions, as well as the development of new-build hotels where there are distinct pockets of opportunity. We explore all opportunities for the near-future and beyond, and manage our development growth to have several projects in the pipeline at all times, in diverse segments and locations.

It takes years to conceive, design, finance, build, and finally, open a hotel. Our team goes through extensive due diligence, careful analysis, and group evaluation with each project. Every market does not justify a new hotel, and every acquisition opportunity must align with the company’s vision. In many cases, the best solution is to continue searching for the right opportunity.

Deciding on the right brand for each marketplace is not an exact science, but an art form. We look at franchise-building incentives, prepare several studies, and explore all opportunities before selecting a brand. We choose only the top franchisors and use their marketplace position as a barrier to entry. We are committed to delivering on the brand’s promise with each of our hotels, and have a strong reputation as a franchise partner amongst all the key hotel brands.

Capri Hospitality Management has a particular culture of commitment to its investors. We are passionate about our responsiveness to our development objectives, and measure success by maintaining strong relationships and a healthy bottom line.


Overview of sales and marketing:

  • Direct support for our hotels
  • Performance training for hotel associates
  • Annual revenue planning sessions
  • Marketing and account management services

Sales & Marketing

Capri Hospitality Management has a depth of sales and marketing talent at the corporate office that provides direct support to our hotels. We believe that our revenue growth year-after-year is enriched by their expertise and dedication to training, guiding, and elevating the performance of hotel associates.

We strategically plan our revenue growth at each hotel during annual planning sessions, with frequent measurements and discussions to track progress and adjust strategies as needed. Our goal is for every hotel to perform above-plan every month with the support of the sales and marketing team with direct vision of leading the market.

Our sales and marketing services include franchise marketing, brand marketing, selection and implementation of advertising and collateral (digital and traditional), developing annual business plans, backyard promotions, public relations, weekly and monthly reporting, training through our sales academy, and support with major accounts management.


Our management provides:

  • Inspirational leaders
  • Improved guest experience
  • Hands-on, on-property organization
  • Training for all associates

Management Overview

Capri Hospitality Management is comprised of inspired leaders in all facets of hotel management. Our combined years of practical application, experience, education, and formal training are the backbone of a quality organization that provides daily support to our hotel associates.

Our hotel management departments engage with hotel managers and associates frequently to help drive bookings, capture incremental revenue, position the hotel as a stand out amongst the competition, and improve overall guest experience. We designate brand experts who communicate key brand information and new initiatives to the appropriate hotels, and help create and implement hotel-specific strategies to drive growth and performance.

We are a hands-on organization and are frequently on-property with our hotel associates. Both formal and one-on-one training for all associates is a key commitment of the operations team.

Management objectives are crafted around maximization of revenues and profit optimization to increase the value of each asset. We measure success by hotel revenue growth and guest satisfaction scores, as well as additional metrics that make the most sense for each hotel and market.