Job Requirements

Essential Functions

  • To respectfully, serve and support your coworkers daily.
  • To be you! By being natural, professional and personable.
  • To be ready! By taking notice and using knowledge to be prepared for anything.
  • To show you care! By being thoughtful in the way you welcome, respond and connect with your guest.
  • To take action! By showing initiative, taking ownership and going the extra mile!
  • To follow the Employee Handbook & Brand Standards.
  • To pledge your commitment and dedication to providing exceptional guest service to your guest!

Job Duties

  • Be here on time and in uniform ready to work.
  • Obtain your key and assigned work duties for the day this may include any special cleaning tasks to be completed in your rooms for that day.
  • Stock your carts with rags, towels, and cleaning supplies for the day.
  • Be sure to clean rooms with room doors securely closed and your cart blocking the door. This is for your safety.
  • Begin your day by cleaning checked out rooms; at approximately 11am begin cleaning both stayovers and checkouts in order, or as requested by your supervisor.
  • Start cleaning the room by spraying the disinfectant cleaner in the bathroom.
  • Load and start the dishwasher; check cupboards and refrigerator for any food left by the guest.
  • Walk around the room making mental notes of what supplies you’ll need. Empty/pick up trash as you go. (Be sure to check under the bed skirt chairs, drawers, and coffee pot, and refrigerators for trash.)
  • Strip your bed/beds and grab all dirty linen from the bathroom and beds and place in cart. (Changing sheets on checkouts, and stayovers marked to do so is mandatory.)
  • Dust the room (this includes the window sills and AC/Heating unit) Replace the bags in all trash cans. Coffee packets regular and decaf, condiment packet and check for any light bulbs that do not work.
  • Clean the bathroom making sure you wipe down the counter, sink, faucet, phone, hairdryer, toilet, shower walls with the appropriate cleaner.  Clean the mirror; Sweep the floor before cleaning and again after cleaning, also mop the floor when finished.  (Making sure there are no signs of a previous guest by throwing away any used soap left in the room and double checking that there is no hair on the floor, shower, tub, counter, sink, or toilet.)
  • Replace all amenities in the and check for any light bulbs that do not work.  If you need light bulbs ask your supervisor for more.
  • Vacuum the room when everything else is done.  Double check you have completed your special task if there are any for the day and all normal tasks before moving on to the next room.
  • Complete any extra duties assigned to you by your supervisor.
  • At the end of the day make sure your cart is fully stocked with plenty of supplies for the next day.
  • Request repair services for rooms, fill out maintenance request forms and turn them into your manager daily.
  • Observe precautions required to protect the Hotel and guest property and report damage, theft and lost and found articles to supervisors.
  • When you are completed with your assigned tasks for the day inform your supervisor before leaving for the day.
  • Please keep in mind we are team, there may be times when management will request you to assist in another department or area.

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